Hours: Monday - Friday: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Evenings and Saturdays By Appointment

Counseling Treatment Services

At Assist, we support children, adolescences, and families with mental health and behavioral challenges, and our work is supervised and overseen by licensed psychologists. Using a fresh and unique approach to counseling, we work to provide positive results, contributing to the efforts of families, schools, and social service agencies alike. Through a coordinated effort, we help create a better community right at home. Our counseling treatment includes:

Family Playing Outside
  • Behavioral Treatment Plans
  • Developing Structural and Organizational Skills
  • Time Management Skills
  • Building Family Relationships
  • Building Community Supports
  • Emotional Management
  • Social Skill Development
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Conflict Management Skills 

In Schools

Assist works cooperatively with primary and secondary school systems in a coordinated effort to help children or adolescents obtain the most productive and rewarding educational experience.  

In the Community

We link children and their families with the most beneficial community resources for their particular needs. Building community support is of paramount importance, so we build a network of individuals, agencies, and health systems that exist to provide a healthy society.   

In Family Therapy

Children who face challenges are often part of families that are facing challenges. We provide individualized treatment for the child, and the family. This holistic approach shows real results — call to learn more.  

In Larger Hospital Health Systems

Working with the health system, we bring children that are placed out of the home back to be with their families and friends.